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Photo credit: Aisha Said, Dimensions Graduate,

Class of 2020

Congrats, Grads!

Welcome to your virtual & interactive Commencement Ceremony Program! For your convenience, each segment is posted individually to allow you to choose what to watch & curate your own home celebration. View it at your leisure, as this will remain active throughout the summer. Click through to view each segment & the individual graduate pages linked to their names. For the best viewing experience, please use a computer.


Terri Novacek

Executive Director

Element Education, Inc.

Director's Address

Tony Drown

School Director

Dimensions Collaborative School

Procession of Graduates

Pomp & Circumstance
Fatma Said Ahmed
Fatma Said Ahmed

Cassandra Lorraine Alvarado
Cassandra Lorraine Alvarado

We are so proud of you!
We are so proud of you!

Fatma Said Ahmed
Fatma Said Ahmed


National Anthem

The Star Spangled Banner

Leadership Excellence Honors

Creative Honors

Graduate Showcase

"Chieftain Robert McLintock" 

Performed by Ian Hamnquist

Written for Ian's grandfather in honor of everything he did to promote Scottish heritage in America.

"Colorizations" by John Cabbage

Lieutenant John F. Kennedy
Lieutenant John F. Kennedy
Tsar Nicholas II
Tsar Nicholas II
Churchill and The King
Churchill and The King
Zwinger Palace, Dresden
Zwinger Palace, Dresden

"Here's a Health to the Company" 

Performed by Tembie Sexton & Jeromey Mascarenhas, with Lev Boraz-Beaumont  & Quinten Fleming

2020 Catalina Art Contest Winner

 John Cabbage

catalina 2020.png

"A Better Place, A Better Time" Performed by John Cabbage

A Better Place A Better TimeJohn Cabbage
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Presentation of the Graduates


Turning of the Tassel & Closing Remarks


Haley Marie Martinez

Jeromey Daniel Mascarenhas

Devan Slater Maultsby

Brianna Michelle Mendoza

Esteban Jesus Mendoza

Jeilani Mohamed Munye

Jackson Ryan Myers

Ayako Taina Olivera

Abdulkadir Abdullahi Omar

Osman Abdullahi Omar

Leilani Kimaré Ordoñez

Quinn Liam Patstone

Daniel Petrovich

Job Jared Playa

Kylee Marie Taylor Randall

Megan Pauline Romney

Aisha Mugne Said

Sequoia Dawn Sarvis

Mason Myles Schneck

Tembie Elizabeth Sexton

Brittany Denea St Amour

Hannah Victoria Stock

Benjamin Alexander Straily

Alexander Daniel Szewczyk

Preston Quincy Vena Shores

Trevor Clyde Vena Shores

Jacob Augusto Versoza

Zachary James Waters

Mariam-Halimah Bint Abdas-Salaam Wingate

Caroline Mercy Woolley

Jade Hanna Young

Ryan Zimmer

Terri Novacek

Executive Director

Element Education, Inc.

Congratulations, Graduates!

We are so proud of you!

Special Thanks to our Governing Board Members

Briana Schultz.jpg

Briana Schultz

Board Member

Rosella Childers.jpg

Rosella Childers


Vice President

Barbara Rohrer.jpg

Barbara Rohrer

Board President

Tim Tweeten.jpg

Tim Tweeten

Board Secretary

Rebecca Raymond.jpg

Rebecca Raymond

Board Member