Jeromey Daniel Mascarenhas

Graduation_Jeromey - Peter Elkelton.jpg

Favorite Quote: 

"Children should not grow up believing that the world is unfair. They should grow up learning that they should make fair what they can and side with the greater good when they can't."

Favorite DCS Memory

"Back in grade 10, we had a group of people who spent a lot of time together in and out of school. I've grown as a person since then (then me was an idiot, current me is a little less of an idiot), but I miss the days when we all would just spend lunch enjoying time with each other. Now, some of the group is still together along with some new people, but the rest of us have drifted apart."

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A Message from Jeromey:

"Thank you for teaching me friendship, understanding, community, kindness, youthfulness, optimism and unity"